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Kathy Hays



Eco Print and Indigo Workshop with Kathy Hays

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Eco Printing is contact printing of plants onto fabric.

In this 2 Day Eco Print workshop you will learn about plants, fabrics, equipment, processes and bundling techniques that create artful fabrics.  Silk and wool fabrics are used because of their affinity for contact printing. While learning the printing process emphasis will be placed on artful design and purposeful placement of the plant material.

Instruction for making and using an indigo vat will be included along with ideas to enhance design. No experience necessary, just a willingness to experiment and enjoy the bounties of nature. Some hand strength is needed to create bundles and expect long periods of standing. This workshop is designed to learn the essentials, understand design and composition with plants to be carried out successfully at home.


Eco Print and Indigo Supply list  

Kathy Hays may be reached at if there are supply questions.

5- 6 wooden dowels that are 1” in diameter and 14” long. 

A ball of twine or heavy cotton string to wrap bundles.  This needs to be strong enough that you can’t break it when pulling tightly.  Butcher string   works very well.

1 rectangular containers to hold your iron water solution.  Shoe box size from a Dollar Store work well. 

2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.

Spray bottle to hold vinegar water.  6 -10 ounces is a good size.

Microwaveable clear wrap.  The type with a zipper cutting edge is good. Sure Seal professional wrap  ( no Press N Seal please)

A large black trash bag

A roll of paper towels for spills of clean up

Notebook with pen or pencil for note taking

Latex Exam gloves

Rubber gloves like for household cleaning - for wrapping twine and dipping in indigo

Scissors to cut fabric and paper (two types)

A camera to record your layout and compare with results.

One old cotton sheet found at thrift store

Apron and studio clothing

Dry onion skins, red and yellow.  Go to grocery store and ‘clean’ their bins.  The skins fall in the bins all the time, and you just gather whatever you can.