Focus on Fiber Florida Style
Focus on Fiber Florida Style

April 3-12, 2019

Join us in the wilderness of New Smyrna Beach at Atlantic Center for the Arts. There are three classes and a classic retreat. Oh, and did you know we are 10 minutes from the beach?  Top photo is the dance studio which we use for a sewing studio and below is the upper view of the painting studio.

Bonus for retreat!! Playing with Tom Kurtzhals in the Kitchen

Tom Kurtzhals is our esteemed chef who can take a fish, some potatoes and a few other ingredients and turn them into an elegant dinner, fish cakes and soup!  Being an ex-Navy cook, Tom learned all sorts of tricks for making meals healthy, delicious and affordable but then he expanded on that knowledge and has become the chef everyone wants for their dinner parties and retreats. 

He is willing to share some of his skills and recipes with you at various times during the retreat. I tried to talk him into letting you play sous chef but he nixed that plan. However, you will have a great time with him as he does his thing and you take notes or just enjoy the moments.

No idea of price yet but it will be more in the range of a tip then a meal.  Let me know if you are interested and we’ll set something up.  Also let me know what you want to learn at the master’s stove.