Focus on Fiber Florida Style

To put you in the right frame of mind for these workshops, please watch the TED talk by Susan Lenz listed at the bottom of the page. It helped me decide on these workshops.

There is usually a limit of 10-15 students per class so that everyone has ample time with the instructors. The classes have been spaced throughout the retreat so that participants can attend more than one program if desired. Classes are from 9 AM to 4 PM unless otherwise decided by instructor and attendees.


NOTE: Resident is used to discribe members who stay in campus housing, NOT Florida residents!

Resident students may arrive on day before class after 1 PM to set up their rooms and after dinner they can put supplies in class space. They depart either after class on the last day or vacate their rooms the next morning by 10 AM. Supper will be available on the first evening and breakfast on the last morning except those staying overnight on the 10th. We all have to leave by 10 AM for the cleaning crew but can gather for a last breakfast at MOMS down the road.

Commuters arrive on the morning of their class and depart after dinner on the last day of their class.

Class Fees

Commuters packages Includes class, 8 AM - 10 PM access to the studio space and plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is non-negotiable whether or not student eats on campus. Only Exception is the Bobbi Baugh special drawing program which provides economy options for meals.

Workshop Housing Includes a private room, all meals and 24 hour access to the studio space. When ordering housing, consider if you want to arrive after 1 pm the day before class and leave the last day of class after class or stay the night and leave before 1 pm on that day. Charges are based on nights spent on campus.

Reistration for classes ends on Feb. 28!

Registration is open now and classes are filled on a first come/first served program. Classes should be paid for in full when registerting, however, it is possible to pay a $100 deposit per class to hold the classes with the remainder of the fee due by February 25. If the reminder is not paid by February 28, the deposit will be used to defray costs of the class. If your class is already filled when your register and you do not request an alternate, your registration fee will be returned. If you wish to cancel the program after you’ve been accepted, you may sell your class spot to someone else and send information to transfer the fee to that person’s registration. That person should reimburse you for the fees.

Workshops and Retreat Schedule

April 2, Check in after 11 AM for retreat members and or commuters who have next day workshop.

April 3: Bobbi Baugh, Workshop-Warmup-Bargain Study and Sketch Art Masters (limit 20)

April 4: She Who Must Not Be Named Fun Day (limit 15)

 April 5-6: Linda Matthews, Fragments of Nature including Assemblage Hand-Dyeing plus bonus online class! (limit 15)

 April 7-8 Susan Lenz , Second Life (limit 15)

PLUS on April 6, after dinner

A lecture by Susan Lenz

Lecture/slide show by fiber and installation artist.